Friday, July 30, 2010

Beautiful Boy

When Jackson was handed to me after I gave birth to him, I was overcome with how beautiful he was. I knew he would be cute, but I wasn't expecting the amazing beauty that was in front of me. He was more perfect and adorable then I ever could imagined.

The song "Beautiful Boy" by Jon Lennon immediately popped into my head. Every time I held him, looked at him, traced my fingers along the outline of his face .... all I could do was hum that song. How beautiful he was!

After we arrived home from the hospital and started planning his funeral, I knew the song had to be a part of it. I knew it would be emotional for some, but as his mother, I wanted the song to be a part of the service.

Within two days, a wonderful woman from our church volunteered and put together an incredible video of pictures to play the song to. I could have never put something like this together at the time, so her efforts are greatly appreciated! I know it sounds weird to have a "favorite" part of the funeral, but watching the video and hearing the song was mine.

I'd like to share that video with you. I know many of my friends and relatives have seen the video already, but I'm ready to share it with the rest of the world too. Not only did the video and song hold special meaning at the funeral, it has come to mean a lot to my husband and me. It still brings us sadness, but some comfort along the way too. The song will always remind me of Jackson, and I am so glad I have this little video to treasure.

You may view it here:

I hope, pray and wish that you never have to plan your baby's funeral. If you do find yourself in this situation right now, do what your instincts tell you. Trust in them. Don't worry what anyone else thinks or says. Even though its so stressful and exhausting, it is one thing we can plan and put together for our child. If you have a unique idea, a special song or certain activity you want to do, do it. You won't regret it. I promise. And please, don't feel bad asking for help in this situation. Recruit your friends and family to do all the work for you. As in my experience, they would be glad to help in anyway they can!

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  1. I think it's wonderful to have a favorite part of the funeral, and the beautiful video was also mine! I still watch it from my computer about once a month- memories are worth keeping and treasuring always! love, Aunt Janet